As part of the NeoQIC Human Milk Quality Improvement Collaborative, we created educational videos focused on the unique needs of preterm infants cared for in the NICU. We encourage clinicians to share with family members. These are short 1-3 minute videos of a diverse group of parents from Boston Medical Center describing their experiences providing milk for their infants. The videos are in both English and Spanish and can easily be viewed on a tablet or phone. These are freely available to anyone. Funding for the videos was provided by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

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Human Milk Initiative Educational Video QR Code: To easily access these videos on a cell phone or tablet, scan the QR code with your phone or tablet camera. For a PDF version of the QR code, click below to download.

Breast Milk is Best for Premature Babies
Colostrum for Your Premature Baby
Skin-to-Skin Care for Your Premature Baby
Making Breast Milk When Your Baby is Premature
Finding Support When You have a Premature Baby
La Leche Materna es lo Major Para Bebés Prematuros
Encontrando Fuentes de Apoyo Cuando su Bebé ed Prematuro
Contacto Piel Con Piel Para su Bebé Prematuro
Cómo Producir Leche Materna Cuando su Bebé es Prematuro