Congratulations to Our Fearless Leader, Hafsatou “Fifi” Diop, MD, MPH, who will become DPH’s inaugural Assistant Commissioner of Health Equity, effective October 2.

Fifi has been selected as the inaugural Assistant Commissioner of Health Equity for DPH!  This is a new position which will report directly to the Commissioner himself.  As the Commissioner himself said, “The passion [Fifi] has long held for eliminating racial inequities in maternal and child health outcomes is profound. And it is this determination to fix a broken system that makes her the ideal person to shape the newly created role of Assistant Commissioner of Health Equity.”

Fifi is still with DPH and will continue to support and advocate for all that PNQIN is and does!  Fifi has been leading PNQIN since its inception and the growth of PNQIN under her leadership has been staggering.  She has been a mentor, advisor, and friend to so many of us here at PNQIN. We will continue to honor Dr. Diop’s outstanding career accomplishments each year as we recognize new awardees for the Annual PNQIN Diop Award.