Exploring Evidence for Disrespect and Abuse in Facility-Based Childbirth

Video ​​created by Kaprice S. Welsh CNM, MSN, MPH –  Director of Women’s Services at the Georgia Department of Community Health (Medicaid)

Our Respectful Care Commitments to Every patient listed on a poster. Download PDF, order prints through Canva here.

Building thoughtful patient and family partnerships into QI initiatives and other projects is essential to establishing increased quality and safety in health care.  

By supporting patient and family voices and encouraging space for collaboration, health care professionals can help ensure shared vision and values are at the forefront of determining solutions to improve a community’s health outcomes. 

NNPQC presentation on family engagement and perinatal health. Watch recording here (start at 7 min 39 sec).

The Patient and Family Engagement focus aims to build support among hospital teams for family engagement in ILPQC’s quality improvement initiatives and provide tools for the recruitment, training, and engagement of patients as valued and active members of quality improvement teams.

Recordings, Slides, and Resources available from NNEPQIN Spring Conference on June 8, 2023.

Steven Chapman, MD, FAAP (PNQIN Spring 2021 Summit Keynote Speaker) discusses how pediatricians can recognize and reflect families’ strengths to support long-term treatment and opioid use disorder recovery.