PNQIN is currently looking to hire an obstetric nurse as one of the Co-Chairs.

Key positions in PNQIN’s leadership team are the 2 Obstetric and 2 Neonatal Co-chairs. The Co-chairs work closely with the Administrative Director and the Principal Investigator (PI) to support PNQIN’s mission as an organization of providers, perinatal stakeholders, and Quality Improvement experts that seeks to achieve measurable improvements in perinatal health outcomes and achieve perinatal health equity among Massachusetts families.  The Co-chairs, along with the PI and Administrative Director, play a key role in determining and overseeing implementation of PNQIN’s yearly priorities as well as shape the long-term vision of PNQIN’s growth and sustainment.

In addition to leading and supporting PNQIN’s initiatives, this is an opportunity to also participate at state and national meetings, have a seat at the table with policy makers and payers, and collaborate with leaders at the MA Department of Public Health, specifically the Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition.

*Requirement: Applicants must be MA resident*


  • Attend PNQIN Leadership meetings and assist Administrative Director with agenda planning
  • Provide input on PNQIN funding and budgets, including grant applications
  • Facilitate completion of the strategies, activities, and measures within the PNQIN strategic plan
  • Participate in PNQIN summit agenda planning and facilitation
  • Provide input on activities and decisions related to all current PNQIN projects and assist with selection process of future PNQIN initiatives in collaboration with PNQIN’s Administrative Director, Principal Investigator, and the Betsy Lehman Center (for maternal initiatives)
  • Serve as co-chair(s) of the PNQIN Advisory Board with the Administrative Director
  • Assist with selecting project team leads for PNQIN initiatives
  • Represent PNQIN at state and national meetings, webinars, conferences
  • Obstetric Co-chairs only: attend national AIM webinars and twice monthly PNQIN AIM meetings with AIM project officer
  • Contribute to PNQIN’s overall growth as an organization by recruiting additional hospital teams in PNQIN projects, recruiting qualified perinatal providers to lead PNQIN individual initiatives, and assist with identifying and applying for additional funding support.


  • Healthcare professional (RN, CNM) with at least 5 years experience in obstetric care
  • Excellent leadership skills with demonstrated ability to convene and lead teams and/or projects
  • Experience with addressing perinatal health equity through quality improvement
  • Experience with (quality improvement) QI projects and playing a key role in implementing projects within a quality collaborative
  • Previous experience with PNQIN is highly encouraged although not required

Time commitment and compensation:

  • Term: 2 years, with option to renew for a second term
  • Time commitment: 10-15 hours/month
  • $10,000 per year

To apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to Caroline Somerville at